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We explore your concepts and then poke, play, evolve and develop them into unique and timeless identities and brands. Our range is limitless. Whatever the purpose of the design, it should be intelligently and creatively conceived and beautifully executed.  At Evofrog we employ a strategic approach to the design process; identify your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, get to know your company culture and ethos, research your target audience, analyze your competition and assess the current market.

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Core Services

  • Brand Development

    In the age of the Internet where everything is being replicated the most successful companies remain those who have an identifiable, and trustworthy brand. Working with existing corporations or newly formed companies we start by getting to know your company, the competitive landscape you are operating in, clearly defining what your customers are seeing, and determining what opportunities there are for distinguishing your brand.

  • Logo Design

    We believe that a logo is a fundamental part of your corporate identity; it should be able to encapsulate the core values and primary essence of your company as effectively and as authentically as possible. Therefore we work with our clients closely to capture their traits and translate them into one mark that’s uniquely their own. A logo is one part of the bigger message, which makes up your corporate identity.

  • Corporate Identity

    It is not just the company logo but it is the stationery system, marketing materials, advertisements, online reputation and right down to how an employee answers the phone that establishes an identity.  Your goal is to make sure that when a consumer is exposed to your company, a positive connection and memorable impression will be made. At EvoFrog we incorporate the latest psychological research into consumer experiences and brand success into our formulations and design creations.

  • Print Communications

    These days there are countless ways to connect with your target audience. In the past, the use of print communications was the most dominant and cost effective way to reach potential clients. We promise to deliver new and creative ways of presenting your information concisely, effectively and affordably.

  • Web Graphics

    Nowadays there are innumerable ways of staying in touch with your customer base and making new connections. Presenting and maintaining a professional web presence for your business is more important than ever. Evofrog can design your online promotional communications and devise customised social media strategies to help your business stand out from the crowd.

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