Web Development

Web Development

Web development is the work that involves developing a website for the internet.

You may develop a CMS (content management system) to allow an end user to make content changes easily with limited or no technical skills required. This is the best option for most websites in 2021.

You could develop a website that is only changed by editing custom code or you could use a template that is pre-built by a 3rd party where there are some options to change sections of the content.

The problem with a developer only website is that content changes can only be made by a developer. This is costly and the could make the website static and outdated. If you a template for your website, then there is little room for content changes and you will not be able to fully optimise your content. In fact, search engines like Google will see your website as a copy and not promote your website in search results.

Evofrog Network

Our innovative website design & hosting service is what make us the best in the industry. We have developed the Evofrog Network to provide our clients with a unique fully managed setup, hosting & maintenance service based on usage of the latest top-level technology standards.

This extremely powerful infrastructure enables us to ensure our websites are fast, reliable and secure. As well as providing our clients with the highest preforming Content Management System which includes secure back-end content editing facilities available 24/7. This unique approach is unrivalled anywhere else and means we can deliver our service as cost effectively as possible.

In general, web development can range from developing a simple page of plain text to complicated web applications that can be the backbone of a the whole busines. Web development work may include client liaison, web design, scripting, database management, operating system setup / maintenance, network management / security, and ecommerce development, coding, front end development and interface design.

Mobile development is now very much at the forefront of web development since most users of the internet browse websites using their mobile phones. Making sure your website / application is mobile friendly is a key aspect of work in 2021. The rise of the mobile usage has guaranteed that most developers will always make sure their website / application will work as perfectly on a mobile device as it does on a desktop device.


The main objective of web development is almost always to make potential customers aware of the products or services, so you must make sure you always put marketing at the top of your focus.

The first task for any web developer is to carry out a marketing health check for the client. This involves identifying core business objectives and current levels of market reach. This should provide a full review and analysis of the brand’s strengths and weaknesses, company culture and ethos, target audience, competition and market. For example, you should access all analytics and social media accounts available to help gauge budget for potential campaigns.

Much of what you have to consider in 2021 is what is known in the marketing industry as “Digital Marketing”. This basically means marketing campaigns using the online / internet medium.

Digital marketing is unlike most other campaigns because you can measure and report quite a lot of what you do. For example, if you run a social media campaign you will be able to look through the history metrics to scrutinise which adverts are the most effective.

Business objectives should be closely linked to KPIs (key performance indicators). The enables easy sight of ROI (return of investment).


Search Engine Optimisation is crucial because if your website is a search engine like Google does not think your website for you preferred key words / target market, then you will not appear. Evofrog builds all websites to make sure your website has the best potential to rank high in search results.

Social media is another great asset you can employ to reach your target market. As social media becomes more popular than ever, you need to invest the time and effort to promote your brand on the relevant social media platforms.

Business outreach is a key area which will provide you business with plenty of content. For example, you could setup interview with key people in your organisation or provide commentary of public interest issues which affect your industry.

To make sure you increase your visibility on search engines and social media platforms, you should allocate resources to a targeted advertising budget. But this must be meticulously planned to ensure cost effective spending.

Whilst digital marketing is now at the forefront of most marketing campaigns you must invest in other areas such as flyer campaigns and radio adverts. Evofrog are proud to have helped some of the most successful businesses and organisations in Ireland increase market reach & profitability using cost effective marketing strategies.